How to invest?

Buying Crypto

Buying and selling digital assets is similar to buying any other tradable assets, with one large difference. The crypto market is much more volatile. When you are ready to buy some digital assets, you will need do this in 2 steps. (Please see our Disclaimer before continuing)

1st Step – You need a platform to buy and sell, for this we use, a New Zealand based exchange that does not store your assets.

Once you have completed creating your account, you will need to also become KYC compliant to be able to buy and sell, for this it requires you to verify your identity and upload proof of ID.

Storing Crypto

2nd Step – Is storing your digital assts, for this you need a wallet. Storing digital assets is similar to storing cash, which means you need to protect it from theft and loss. There are many ways to store these assets both online and off.

The safest of these options are known as Cold Storage Devices. These devices are offline, meaning they do not have a constant connection to the internet, therefore are the least likely to have any security risks. The most well known one is a Ledger Nano (S Plus), and can be purchased from, please do not buy these from any 3rd party provider, as the security of these devices could be compromised.

If you are wanting a cheaper and easier way, then a hot wallet is the second choice. Hot wallet options still give you full control of your own keys, unlike an exchange stored asset, but do keep a constant connection to the internet.
A popular hot wallet option is Trust Wallet, and is completely free.

*Important note:
All wallets will give you a key, likely in the form of multiple random words. This key is vital, please write this down, and store offline, make backups. If you lose this key, you lose your assets!